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Scimitar FV107 figurine by unity gifts

Introducing the Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture by Unity Gifts: A Fusion of History and Artistry


Since its inception in 1989, Unity Gifts has been synonymous with excellence and a deep respect for history. Proudly presenting the "Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture," this esteemed brand once again marries artistry with a profound connection to the past.


A Legacy Cast in Bronze:

The "Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" stands as a testament to Unity Gifts' unwavering commitment to preserving history through the medium of art. This sculpture expertly captures the essence of the Scimitar FV107, a symbol of agility and reconnaissance on the battlefield. Every curve, from the sleek turret to the robust wheels, is meticulously sculpted to reflect the vehicle's distinct presence.


Dimensions and Weight:

Measuring Length 139.7 mm, Width 101.6 mm, and Height 88.9 mm, this sculpture strikes a harmonious balance between compact size and impactful display. With an approximate weight of 1kg, it offers a captivating visual presence while remaining easily manageable.


A Glimpse into History:

The "Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" transports you to a pivotal era in history. It embodies the bravery of soldiers who operated these vehicles, echoing their unwavering commitment and sacrifices that have left an indelible mark on the world. The cold cast bronze technique imparts an authentic metallic sheen, capturing the essence of the vehicle's purpose.


A Treasure for Collectors and Enthusiasts:

Whether you're a dedicated collector of military history or an admirer of artistic craftsmanship, this sculpture holds undeniable allure. Its meticulous detailing and historical relevance make it an exquisite centerpiece, sparking conversations and prompting reflections on the past.


A Symphony of Craftsmanship:

Unity Gifts' mastery over cold cast bronze is brilliantly evident in every facet of this sculpture. The choice of materials and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the "Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" transcends time, serving as a poignant reminder of the valor that once shaped history.


A Legacy Perpetuated:

Owning this sculpture isn't merely acquiring an artwork; it's embracing Unity Gifts' legacy of excellence. The "Scimitar FV107 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" embodies the passion, expertise, and dedication that have upheld Unity Gifts' esteemed reputation for over three decades.



The Scimitar FV107, a British gem, redefined light reconnaissance. Introduced in 1971, it embodied agility, speed, and versatility. Armed with advanced systems and a 30mm RARDEN cannon, the Scimitar excelled in diverse roles. Its service in various theaters showcased its effectiveness and adaptability. The Scimitar's legacy reflects British engineering excellence and its influence on modern reconnaissance strategies. Its history stands as a testament to innovation and tactical brilliance, highlighting the UK's commitment to maintaining superior reconnaissance capabilities. The Scimitar FV107 remains an enduring symbol of swift and effective intelligence gathering on the battlefield.

Scimitar FV107 In Cold Cast Bronze Statue Military Figurine

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