Rubber Gloves

Mould Making

Unity Gifts have been mould makers for nearly 5 decades and can handle a variety of moulding techniques.

As you may know, the silicone rubber is probably the most expensive outlay when it comes to manufacturing and casting.  We currently have in asset form nearly a thousand moulds ranging from thumbnail size up to 5' cubed. 

Some of our customers only require the moulds and are happy to take away their moulds to cast themselves and others prefer to leave their moulds on site, with the caveat that they're not insured due to insurance clauses.

Silicone rubber when used in conjunction with polyester resins deteriorate over time due to the styrene content in the liquid plastic.  It's difficult to gauge how long a mould will last and how many casts can be had from one mould.  If you're wanting a large batch of casts, it's usually a good idea to have multiple moulds which spreads the rate of deterioration and also increases output.

When creating a master (Original) to take a mould from, it's always a good idea to factor in mould life.  To explain, if an animal you wanted a mould from has a smooth body, then this is likely to last longer than an animal that has long fur (which shows in the figurine) where the silicone can grip, therefore tearing on removal and shortening mould life.

If you're unsure, please just ask, we're here to help.