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3D Design

Unity Gift can help you bring dreams to reality.  Do you have a concept you need bringing to life?

We guarantee to beat any 3D design quote all you need to do is explain your requirements.  Maybe you have a non manufactured car part that's 30 years old, or even a part that is expensive in the second hand market.  We can replicate/duplicate car parts, motorbike parts, engineering parts and much more.

We can 3D design complicated parts such as cogs, moving parts replica movie props, replica awards and commissioned pieces. 


5 Step process

1: Have a clear understanding of what you want.

Similar to our 3D Printing service, please have a clear understanding of what you require.  Dimensions, moving parts pictures all help in the final product.


2: Get in touch by submitting this form outlining your requirements


We'll let you know if it can be done.​ **If you require our 3D Printing service** Please send photos, drawings and dimensions of what exactly you'd like creating in 3D.


3: If it can be done you'll either receive a 3D file .STL or we will have discussed the next chapter, 3D printing etc.

4: You can opt to purchase a STL file by browsing our already made props


5: Make payment and receive finished product.


Please use the form below to upload your images/Sketches or other relevant information and we'll contact you as soon as possible with your quote.

Please add as much information  as you can. i.e.

If you're having trouble with the below form:

please use

to send files to our email


We'll get back to you with a quote within a couple of hours - hours 09.00-17.00 Mon-Sat

Thanks for submitting!

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