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Meerkat Family - Made with Coal Figurine by Unity Gifts

3 Meerkat Family ideal to match Large Meerkat, consisting of mum and two kids. Size 80mm 70mm 40mm


"Discover the enchantment of Unity Gifts' exquisite made-with-coal products, lovingly hand-cast in the picturesque landscapes of South Yorkshire. Our skilled artisans blend the area's coal-mining legacy with high-quality resin, resulting in stunning and durable pieces. From intricate sculptures to personalized keepsakes, our range radiates the timeless allure of coal's metamorphosis. Each creation showcases craftsmanship and authenticity, making them ideal for gifts or captivating decor. Embrace the fusion of South Yorkshire's coal heritage and modern craftsmanship with Unity Gifts' unparalleled collection. Elevate your surroundings with our coal-made treasures, capturing the essence of history and artistry in every piece."

Meerkat Family - Made with Coal Figurine by Unity Gifts

SKU: 618
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