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First World War 18 Pounder Gun Royal Artillery

Step into the echoes of the First World War with the Royal Artillery 18 Pounder Field Gun Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture by Unity Gifts. This exquisite masterpiece invites you to pay homage to the gallantry and strategic brilliance of the Royal Artillery during one of the most pivotal moments in history. Measuring at a compact 127x127x101mm, this cold cast bronze sculpture captures the essence of the iconic 18 Pounder Field Gun with precision and reverence.


Unity Gifts, renowned for their commitment to historical accuracy and craftsmanship, brings you a sculpture that transcends time. The 18 Pounder Field Gun, a symbol of artillery power and military strategy during the First World War, is meticulously recreated in cold cast bronze. This ensures not only the durability of the sculpture but also an authentic representation of the historic military equipment that played a crucial role on the battlefield.


Every detail of this sculpture is a testament to the dedication of Unity Gifts to capturing the spirit of the Royal Artillery. From the distinct shape of the 18 Pounder Field Gun to the texture of the gun carriage and the soldiers in action, each element is crafted with meticulous attention. The cold cast bronze finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures that this sculpture stands the test of time, preserving the memory of the Royal Artillery for generations to come.


At 127x127x101mm, this sculpture is versatile and suitable for display on desks, shelves, or any prominent space where you seek to showcase the valor and strategic brilliance of the Royal Artillery. Let this sculpture transport you back to the battlefields where history was shaped, and immerse yourself in the narrative of courage and determination.


Adorning the base is the insignia of the Royal Artillery, a mark of distinction and honor. Unity Gifts pays homage to the soldiers who served with bravery and precision, creating a sculpture that invites you to reflect on the sacrifices made and the pivotal role played by the Royal Artillery during the First World War.


More than a military statue, this Cold Cast Bronze Military Sculpture is an invitation to connect with the past, to honor the sacrifices made, and to appreciate the historical milestones that have shaped the world we live in today. Unity Gifts brings you a piece of history that goes beyond aesthetics – it's a tangible link to a bygone era and a tribute to the resilience and courage of those who served.


Whether you're a seasoned collector, a military history enthusiast, or someone who appreciates fine art, the Royal Artillery 18 Pounder Field Gun Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture by Unity Gifts is a must-have. It's not just a sculpture; it's a living memory, a symbol of strategic brilliance, and a piece of art that encapsulates the spirit of the Royal Artillery. Own a piece of history with this exceptional sculpture, and let the 18 Pounder Field Gun stand as a timeless testament to the valor of the Royal Artillery in your home or office.

First World War 18 Pounder Gun Royal Artillery Cold Cast Bronze Statue

SKU: 812
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