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tiny tim miner keyring

Unlock the magic of timeless charm with the Unity Gifts Tiny Tim Keyring, a delightful miniature masterpiece cast with a blend of coal and resin. Measuring at approximately 12/25/10mm, this tiny keyring captures the spirit of nostalgia and whimsy, making it the perfect accessory to add character and flair to your everyday life.


Crafted with precision and care, the Tiny Tim Keyring from Unity Gifts stands as a testament to the artistry that defines this charming accessory. The use of a coal and resin blend in the casting process ensures an extraordinary level of detail, bringing to life every nuance of this miniature figure. This keyring is a must-have for collectors, Dickens enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of finely crafted keepsakes.


Inspired by the classic character Tiny Tim from Charles Dickens' timeless tale "A Christmas Carol," this keyring embodies the spirit of hope, resilience, and the joy of the holiday season. Whether you're a fan of literary classics or simply love the idea of carrying a touch of nostalgia with you, the Tiny Tim Keyring is a perfect addition to your collection.


Measuring at approximately 12/25/10mm, the Unity Gifts Tiny Tim Keyring is a petite and whimsical accessory that can accompany your keys, bags, or serve as a delightful charm on your favorite accessories. Its miniature size makes it a delightful conversation starter and a unique way to infuse a bit of literary magic into your daily life.


The coal and resin blend used in the casting process adds a layer of authenticity to the Tiny Tim Keyring. The matte finish and subtle variations in color mirror the vintage aesthetic, creating a visual richness that pays homage to the enduring legacy of classic literature.

Beyond its role as a functional keyring, the Tiny Tim Keyring from Unity Gifts is a celebration of literature, nostalgia, and the enduring charm of beloved characters. It invites you to appreciate the craftsmanship and timeless appeal associated with classic storytelling.


Whether you're a literature enthusiast, a fan of Dickensian tales, or someone looking for a unique and whimsical accessory, the Unity Gifts Tiny Tim Keyring promises to be a cherished addition to your daily life. Order yours today and let the spirit of Tiny Tim accompany you on your journey, spreading joy and literary magic wherever you go.

Tiny tim keyring - Mining Memorabilia Made with British Coal

  • 12x25x10
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