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Gawthorpe Coal Carrying Championships

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Unity Gifts, a company specializing in creating bespoke gifts and awards, has taken on the challenge of designing and producing customized awards for the Gawthorpe Coal Carrying Championships.

The annual event held in Gawthorpe, West Yorkshire, UK, sees participants race while carrying sacks of coal up a hill, covering a distance of approximately 1 kilometer.

The first prize and runners-up will receive a bespoke award designed and created by Unity Gifts to commemorate their participation in this unique and challenging competition. As experts in crafting personalized gifts and awards, Unity Gifts is well-suited to the task of creating a trophy or medal that reflects the nature of the competition and celebrates the achievements of the participants.

Creating bespoke awards for events like the Gawthorpe Coal Carrying Championships is a fantastic way to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the participants. It adds an extra element of excitement to the competition and provides the winners with a unique and personalized memento of their participation in this challenging event.

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