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As seen on the London Eye

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Unity Gifts is a company that creates unique and customised props for events and occasions. While our work is appreciated by many, it is often the case that we do not get to see our creations in action. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, Unity Gifts usually creates props for their clients who are event organisers or individuals. Once the prop is delivered to the client, it becomes their responsibility to set it up and use it as planned. Unity Gifts may not be involved in the event itself, and as such, they may not be present to witness the use of their props.

Secondly, even when Unity Gifts is involved in the event planning process, they may not be aware of the exact details of how their props will be used. Event planners often have specific visions for their events, and they may choose to use the props in a way that was not originally intended by Unity Gifts.

Sometimes we don't recognise our creations out in the wilderness and when we're told, we like to shout about it.

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