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St Barbara Patron St of Mines made with Coal

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

St. Barbara is the Patron Saint of Mines, and Unity Gifts is proud to offer a unique tribute to this beloved saint. Our St. Barbara statue is made with real coal, the very substance that miners work so hard to extract from the earth. The coal is sourced from local mines, giving this statue a deep connection to the mining industry and the people who work in it.

The St. Barbara statue is approximately 10 inches tall and depicts the saint with a miner’s lamp and a chalice. The statue is beautifully detailed, with intricate carving that brings out the natural texture of the coal. This piece is a perfect gift for anyone with a connection to the mining industry, whether they are miners themselves, or family members of miners.

Unity Gifts takes great pride in creating unique and personalised gifts, and our St. Barbara statue is no exception. We understand the importance of honouring the patron saint of mines, and our statue is a fitting tribute to this beloved figure. By using real coal in the creation of this statue, we have created a piece that truly embodies the spirit of the mining industry.

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