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Medusa holding the head of Perseus figurine by Unity Gifts

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Medusa holding the head of Perseus is a popular subject in Greek mythology and art. Unity Gifts is a company that specializes in creating 3D printed figurines using SLA resin, which is a type of photopolymer resin that hardens when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The figurine depicts Medusa, one of the three Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology, holding the decapitated head of Perseus, a hero who had killed her. According to myth, Medusa was once a beautiful woman, but after being cursed by Athena, she was transformed into a monster with snakes for hair and the ability to turn people into stone with a single glance.

The statue captures the horror and fascination of the myth, with Medusa's twisted face and writhing snakes contrasting with the serene expression of the decapitated head of Perseus. The use of SLA resin allows for intricate details and a high level of accuracy in the sculpture.

Overall, this figurine is a great representation of the timeless myth of Medusa and Perseus, and a testament to the capabilities of 3D printing technology in creating highly detailed and accurate sculptures

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