Wholesale & Retail

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We're always looking for wholesalers and retailers to carry our resin cast, moulds or giftware products. This can be full ranges or just ad hoc items.

We produce a wide range of products predominantly aimed at Valentine's Day, Father's Day, and Birthday Gifts.

  • Mining memorabilia

  • Steam locomotive replicas

  • Classic car and transport-related models

  • Religious items

  • Trophies and awards

  • Animals

  • Militaria and maritime figurines

  • … and many others.

Many of these pieces can be made bespoke using our metallic finishes.

We also manufacture semi-industrial and industrial moulded products and would be pleased to discuss any contracting opportunities with purchasing managers looking to source ‘short-run’ or ‘low volume’ demand for industrial requirements.

Our integrity is also well known as we are also a popular choice for producing repetitive products on behalf of sculptors and modelers wishing to replicate their work.

Call us on 07507 988167 or send us an email using our contact page.

About our Resin casting service

Resin is a versatile material and can be used in a wide range of applications. If you're looking for a finished product or a raw casting for you to apply your own finishes, our resin cold casting techniques can be made to your individual specification.


We briefly describe the process for our resin casting service.


1: A Master is required; this can be either supplied by you or we can assist in the design and origination of your master copy. 


2: A silicon rubber mould is then taken from the master copy – this creates the production mould (moulds are relatively low cost and are a very cheap alternative compared to injection moulding)


3: The mould is then filled with the liquid resin mixture. When the cast has cured,  it's then removed from the mould.


4: Once removed (depending on how it was cast) your cast is either your finished product or ready for the next stage.


There are many approaches to the finishes that you can achieve on a resin cast. We use a wide variety of stains and paints which are applied to the surface of the casting, or we can use fillers, pigments and metal powders to create an effect embedded in the resin mixture. Another popular option is bronze resin casting – also referred to as resin cold cast bronze (which is an economic alternative to solid bronze). This has a coating of true bronze powder on the outside of the casting.


The possibilities in using our our one-stop manufacturing are endless - take a look through our shop, or look at our Instagram feed and this will give you a glimpse at the process of creating a product.