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25 pounder artillery diorama

Wholesale military gifts

Militaria and maritime figurines

At Unity Gifts, we are passionate about history and the role that militaria and maritime artefacts have played in shaping it. That's why we specialise in creating high-quality replicas of militaria and maritime figurines that capture the spirit and beauty of these historical items. Our bespoke designs include custom-made models of naval vessels, ships, submarines, and other military vehicles, as well as figurines of soldiers, sailors, and other historical figures. Our skilled craftsmen and artists use the finest materials and advanced techniques to ensure that every detail is accurate and precise. Contact us today to learn more about our militaria and maritime figurines models replicas and how we can help you celebrate this fascinating part of our history.

Many of these pieces can be made bespoke using our metallic finishes.

We also manufacture semi-industrial and industrial moulded products and would be pleased to discuss any contracting opportunities with purchasing managers looking to source ‘short-run’ or ‘low volume’ demand for industrial requirements.

Our integrity is also well known as we are also a popular choice for producing repetitive products on behalf of sculptors and modelers wishing to replicate their work.

Call us on 07507 988167 or send us an email using our contact page.

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