3D Printing Services

We offer 3D printing services in both FDM (filament deposition) and SLA (stereolithography) photopolymer resin processes.

This allows you to create almost any 3D object from a digital file. For example you could match a hard to find spare part, make components for a DIY project or design your own game figures.

We can also use your 3D printed object to cast a ‘made from coal’ ornament or figurine. This means we can create a complete figure to your design or custom a design using, for example, relief lettering.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any 3D printing requirement or questions. We can help you through the entire process to create the custom 3D printed part you need – no knowledge or skills needed. Or we can print from your own digital files.

3D Printing in Wakefield – The Colosseum 3D Printing in Wakefield – Token