An amazing cold cast bronze model of a World War I Soldier affectionately know as 'Old Contemptible'. Approximately 350mm high, this piece will stand proud in any situation as a memory of the the world's most famous war. Post and packaging included in price. We are confident you will be pleased with the feel, looks and weight of this cold cast bronze statue. The name,adopted by British troops belonging to the regular army in 1914, was supposedly derived from a comment made by the German Kaiser, Wilhelm II. The Kaiser, upon hearing that German forces were being held up in France while en route to the French capital, is said to have exclaimed, in �his exasperation of "Sir John French's contemptible little army". Interestingly, the term is also said to originate from a mistranslation of a letter from the Kaiser to the commander of the German First Army Alexander von Kluck, in which he supposedly wrote: "It is my Royal and Imperial command that you concentrate your energies for the immediate present upon one single purpose, and that is that you address your skill and all the valour of my soldiers to exterminate the treacherous English, and walk over French's contemptibly small army". Whatever the actual origin the British regulars were delighted thereafter to be referred to as 'The Old Contemptibles' and named their post�war veterans' association accordingly.

WW1. 'Old Contemptible'

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