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Kneeling Soldier, Signals Regiment in cold cast bronze

Kneeling Signaller Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture


Weight Approx 1.3kg


Height 139.7 mm. Diameter 139.7 mm


Embark on a journey through military history with Unity Gifts' Cold Cast Statue of the Kneeling Soldier of the Signals Regiment. This meticulously crafted masterpiece pays tribute to the unsung heroes of communication and strategy. The statue depicts a soldier equipped with radio gear and the iconic SA80 Rifle, poised for action. Every detail, from the uniform to the intricate equipment, captures the essence of dedication and precision that the Signals Regiment embodies. Whether you're a military aficionado or a collector seeking unique pieces, this statue stands as a symbol of service and innovation. Unity Gifts' commitment to authenticity ensures that this tribute honors the legacy of those who paved the way for effective communication on the battlefield. Elevate your space with this reminder of valor and coordination in the face of challenge




Kneeling Soldier, Signals Regiment in cold cast bronze

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