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Coal cutting figurine

Exquisite Coal Cutter Large Figurine - Handcrafted from British Coal | Unity Gifts


The Coal Cutter Large Figurine, showcasing its intricate details and craftsmanship. The figurine is placed on a neutral background to highlight its unique texture and design.


Step into the rich heritage of British mining with this meticulously crafted Coal Cutter Large Figurine by Unity Gifts. Made entirely from authentic British coal, this striking piece serves as a stunning tribute to the industrial era and the hardworking miners who fueled it.


  • Height: 40mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Depth: 150mm

Key Features:

  • Authentic Material: Handcasted with high-quality British coal, ensuring each piece is unique with its own distinct texture and patterns.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Every figurine is carefully cast and fettled, reflecting the dedication and skill of our artisans.
  • Historical Significance: A perfect blend of art and history, this figurine is a poignant reminder of Britain’s industrial legacy.

Ideal For:

  • Collectors: A must-have addition for collectors of unique, historical, or industrial-themed items.
  • Gift: An exceptional gift for history enthusiasts, coal mining history buffs, or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship.
  • Home Decor: Adds a touch of historical elegance to your living room, study, or office.

Additional Information:


Own a Piece of History Today! Enhance your collection or home decor with this one-of-a-kind Coal Cutter Large Figurine. Limited stock available – order now to secure this unique piece of British heritage!

Coal cutter large figurine made with British Coal by Unity Gifts

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