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AS-90 S.P.G In Cold Cast Bronze Statue Military

Introducing the AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture: A Triumph of Craftsmanship by Unity Gifts


For over three decades, Unity Gifts has been synonymous with artistic excellence and an unwavering commitment to history. Today, we proudly unveil the "AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture," a masterpiece that elegantly blends craftsmanship with a profound connection to military heritage.


A Masterpiece in Cold Cast Bronze:

The "AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" stands as a testament to Unity Gifts' enduring dedication to preserving history through the art of sculpture. This extraordinary creation impeccably captures the essence of the AS-90, a symbol of artillery precision and military prowess. Every detail, from the intricate turret to the imposing barrel, is meticulously sculpted to mirror the vehicle's commanding presence.


Dimensions and Weight:

Measuring Length 241.3 mm, Width 177.8 mm, and Height 228.6 mm (from base to tip of barrel), this sculpture strikes a harmonious balance between size and impact. With an approximate weight of 2kg, it commands attention while remaining easily positionable in various settings.


A Glimpse into Military History:

The "AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" transports you to a pivotal era in military history. It encapsulates the bravery of soldiers who operated these vehicles, reflecting their unwavering commitment and sacrifices that have left an indelible mark on the world.


A Treasure for Collectors and Enthusiasts:

Whether you're a dedicated collector of military history or an admirer of artistic craftsmanship, this sculpture holds undeniable allure. Its meticulous detailing and historical significance make it a captivating centerpiece, sparking conversations and inspiring reflections on the past.


A Symphony of Craftsmanship:

Unity Gifts' mastery over cold cast bronze shines brilliantly in every aspect of this sculpture. The choice of materials and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the "AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" transcends time, serving as a poignant reminder of the valor that once shaped history.


A Legacy Perpetuated:

Owning this sculpture isn't just acquiring an artwork; it's embracing Unity Gifts' legacy of excellence. The "AS-90 Cold Cast Bronze Military Statue Sculpture" embodies the passion, expertise, and dedication that have upheld Unity Gifts' esteemed reputation for over three decades.



The AS-90 Self-Propelled Gun, a British masterpiece, redefines artillery capabilities. Introduced in 1992, it embodies firepower, mobility, and precision. Armed with a 155mm gun and advanced systems, the AS-90 excels on diverse terrains. Its service in various conflicts showcases its range and effectiveness. The AS-90's legacy reflects British engineering excellence and its role in modernizing artillery tactics. Its history stands as a testament to innovation and strategic vision, underscoring the UK's commitment to maintaining superior artillery capabilities on the global stage. The AS-90 Self-Propelled Gun is a symbol of precision and power in modern warfare.

AS-90 S.P.G In Cold Cast Bronze Statue Military Figurine

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