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rourkes drift figurines

Introducing an extraordinary Cold Cast Bronze statue of a British 24th of Foot Soldier from Rorkes Drift Zulu Wars, standing at an impressive 350mm in height. This masterpiece holds its ground as a testament to the renowned Wars in which these soldiers displayed unwavering courage. 


On January 22nd, 1879, history was made at Rourke's Drift on the Tugela River, as a mere 139 officers and men, including those from the 24th Foot, defended against relentless Zulu attacks. Over two days, they repelled the onslaught, eliminating 500 Zulu warriors and suffering minimal losses. The valor shown resulted in numerous Victoria Cross awards. The tangible weight, appearance, and craftsmanship of this cold cast bronze statue promise your satisfaction, commemorating a pivotal moment in history.


At Rorke's Drift, eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded. Seven to the 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, one to the Army Medical Department, one to the Royal Engineers, one to the Commissariat and Transport Department and one to the Natal Native Contingent.

24th Foot Rourkes Drift, Boer War figurine statue by unity gifts

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